In our little shop, Šoop-Šoop, you can find wonderful gifts for friends or family back home – as well as a “gift” for yourself!

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Our selection includes handmade Sámi knives, bracelets, wishbone charms and other jewellery, knitware, postcards, birch-bark products from Alva Design, postcards, antlers and reindeer pelts, reindeer meat, and much more.

We accept cash and major credit cards.

A reindeer pelt is a beautiful addition to any home.
Reindeer pelt
From the wishbones found in reindeer forelegs, we make special jewellery – charms that may bring you luck on life’s journey!
Jewellery from the wishbones found in reindeer forelegs.
Our shop has a selection of handmade Sámi knives.
 Sámi knife
If you order in advance, we can have a traditional Sámi coat (gákti) made for you.
The back on local Sami costume.

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