Starting in July this summer, we offer overnight stays in either a lavvo or a goahti!

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Traditionally, the lavvo has been the Sámi dwelling and the focal point of much of our activity – and this tipi-like tent is still widely used during the intense period of the annual reindeer migration.

Comfort is ensured by putting down a layer of birch twigs, onto which reindeer pelts are placed. This provides insulation and serves as a mattress. Sleeping next to the fire keeps you warm, and you will find it also gives great peace of mind.

You can choose whether you wish to sleep in a lavvo or a goahti. The latter is a traditional earth hut, called gammein Norwegian, with comfortable beds placed around a warm and cosy woodstove. The beds are equipped with pillows, duvets and woollen blankets. If you get too hot, just open the door onto the lovely Nordland night; a second screen door keeps out the mosquitoes. 

The goahti has five beds, making it ideal for families or a group of friends. Our lavvo is more intimate, with space for a couple, although one or two extra beds can be added if desired. (The lavvo does not have a mosquito screen door.)

Next to the goahti there is a lean-to shelter under which you can light a fire and prepare your own dinner, if you wish. You can also order a delicious Sámi dinner from us.

Our overnight guests have access to our service facility, which has showers and toilets.

Breakfast may be ordered at additional cost.

A baby cot is available on request.

Accommodation NOK 750 per night per person
Children up to 12 years: NOK 400 per night

Breakfast NOK 150
Children 2–12: NOK 75

Laila Inga
The view from Inga Sámi Siida.
Orange sky with midnight sun.
During the winter, you can sometimes witness a display of the Northern Lights above the lavvo.
Lavvo with light inside and northern lights in the sky.
Laila Inga
Laila Inga

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