Seated around the fire in our lavvo, you will hear the story of our proud Sámi reindeer-herding culture on Norway’s largest island, Iinnasuolu (Hinnøya).


Engaging and entertaining stories will give you new insights about reindeer, Sámi lives and livelihood, our values and beliefs. We’ll also show you the renowned Sámi handicrafts, duodji, which are traditionally made of reindeer, bone and antlers.

By the fire in our lavvo, you will also hear the joik, the ancient singing style of the Sámi, and we’ll offer you a hot beverage.

Feel free to ask questions. Maybe you will even learn some Sámi words!

Our storytelling casts light on our reindeer-herding culture. Afterwards, you get to meet the reindeer up close.

During the summer, this is part of your drop-in visit. During the rest of the year, we request advance bookings.

Trym Ivar
Trym Ivar
Trym Ivar
Magnus Strø

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