Sámi food is based on ingredients harvested from nature, which usually is prepared in a simple manner so as to bring out their wonderful natural flavours.


Typical ingredients of Sámi cuisine include reindeer meat and fish, as well as wild mushrooms and berries and herbs picked where these grow naturally. Chefs that subscribe to a modern Sámi cuisine might prepare the reindeer meat in innovative ways, and combine it with new and exciting condiments, but being always mindful of how they can honour and enhance the original flavour of their primary ingredient.

Here at Inga Sámi Siida, our chef’s focus is reindeer meat. But we will gladly prepare fish or vegetarian dishes for guests who prefer not to eat meat.

Did you know that reindeer meat is just as healthy as fish?
Reindeer meat is rich in vital minerals, key vitamins and healthy Omega-3 oils. 

Year round, the reindeer graze outside, eating grass and wild herbs, flowers, lichen and berries, all depending on the season. This diet imbues their meat with a unique flavour and makes it especially healthy!


Our Sámi menu

Sámi food is seasonal, and nature herself decides which ingredients are available. As a result, some of the dishes mentioned here will be seasonal. If you have special requests, please contact us in advance, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your wishes.

Reindeer soup. Served with oat bread and crispy flatbread. Refill included. Allergens: Celery, leeks, gluten NOK 230
Biđus, a hearty traditional reindeer stew, served with bread and crispy flatbread. Refill included. Allergens: Celery, leeks, gluten
NOK 245
Creamy fish soup with salmon and cod, served with bread and crispy flatbread. Allergens: Fish, shellfish, celery, leeks, onion, gluten, lactose
NOK 190
Reindeer burgers with fried potato boats, salad and lingonberry dressing. Allergens: Lactose
NOK 220
Potato soup topped with shredded smoked reindeer. Allergens: Lactose, gluten, leeks NOK 110
Fresh-baked baguette with reindeer “roast beef”. Served with salad and cranberry dressing. Allergens: Lactose, gluten.
NOK 125
Creamy fish soup with salmon and cod, served with bread and crispy flatbread. Allergens: Fish, shellfish, celery, leeks, onion, gluten, lactose
NOK 175
Reindeer soup, with oat bread and crispy flatbread. Allergens: Celery, leeks, gluten NOK 200
Cloudberry cream and a crispy wafer. Allergens: Gluten, lactose
NOK 110
Hot blueberry soup with whipped cream. Allergens: Lactose (cream)
NOK 80
Homemade ice cream with angelica or meadowsweet. Served with a biscuit or a piece of cake. Allergens: Egg, gluten
NOK 130
Rhubarb compote with whipped cream. Allergens: Lactose NOK 80
Wafer with strawberry jam. Allergens: Egg, lactose, gluten
NOK 50
Spice cake. Allergens: Egg, lactose, gluten, nutmeg, birch
NOK 40
Chocolate cake. Allergens: Egg, lactose, gluten NOK 40


On request, we are happy to compose a platter of selected reindeer meats and condiments. Our seasonal selection might include: smoked reindeer, cured reindeer, reindeer “roast beef”, bone marrow, tongue, a cup of hot broth, angelica jam, cranberry dressing, and gahkku, a traditional soft Sámi bread. Please contact us for price and availability.

Reindeer burgers served our way!
Reindeer animal with accessories
Rosebay willowherb or Fireweed (Horbmá) makes the most wonderful juice!
Pink fireweed leaves.
“Coffee cheese”, eaten with a cup of coffee flavoured with cured reindeer, is a delicacy.
Tastes with cheese and reindeer meat in the coffee.
Porridge with sorrel (juopmo) served with angelica jam (boska meastu).
Porridge of acid grass / juopmo and ready-made jam / boskamaestu.
Cloudberries, the “gold” of Vesterålen, are picked from a secret spot in our own bog.
Wooden cup full of cloudberries.