As a guest, you are invited to meet our reindeer, the amazing Arctic animal that is intricately tied to the Sámi livelihood and culture. Our storytelling will unveil additional insights.

Your experience

You can enjoy very close encounters with the reindeer during feeding time – some of them are tame enough that they will eat out of your hand! We feed our reindeer nutritious food pellets, as well as the lichen they graze on in the wild.

During our storytelling session, before you visit the reindeer, you will learn more about how extremely well adapted they are to life in the Arctic. For instance, did you know that each strand of reindeer fur is filled with air, providing insulation that is effective even down to minus 50 degrees Celsius?

We’ll also review our simple safety precautions. Reindeer are peaceful animals, and the ones in our enclosure are tame, but it is important that you know how to behave with them.

Visiting the reindeer herd is sure to be a memorable experience. Bring your camera! 

During the summer, this is part of your drop-in visit. During the rest of the year, we request advance bookings.

Our reindeer are so tame they’ll eat straight from your hand.

Boy feeding reindeer by holding moss in mouth.
Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Our reindeer are so tame they’ll eat straight from your hand.
Laila and guests along with reindeer in winter.
Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Laila and Arild along with reindeer in winter.

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