We are co-owner of Kåringen Reinslakteri, which offers the very finest reindeer meat. Meat from reindeer is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Please contact us if you would like to sample our products. We will gladly give you recipes and helpful serving tips.

Reindeer meat – cuts and price list:
Half or whole reindeer  NOK 189 per kg
Fine-cut half / whole reindeer NOK 400 each
Rough-cut half / whole reindeer NOK 70 / 120 each
Shank  NOK 279 per kg
Shoulder/chuck NOK 209 per kg
Side NOK 169 per kg
Back NOK 219 per kg
Neck NOK 159 per kg

Reindeer meat products – price list:
Rack of reindeer NOK 199 per kg
Reindeer shavings  NOK 319 per kg
Inside round  NOK 399 per kg
Reindeer sirloin NOK 399 per kg
Rolled roast  NOK 319 per kg
Chuck roast  NOK 249 per kg
Strip loin  NOK 599 per kg
Tenderloin NOK 609 per kg
Chops from the back NOK 249 per kg
Chops from the neck  NOK 129 per kg
Soup and broth meat NOK 219 per kg
Soup bones  NOK 99 per kg
Marrow bones  NOK 99 per kg
Heart  NOK 179 per kg
Liver  NOK 49 per kg
Tongue  NOK 199 per kg
Ground meat  NOK 159 per kg

For orders, please call tel. +47 48 13 86 53 or +47 908 77 558